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[ Updated Sundayy 17th, 2001 by Ice-Man @ 8:04 P.M ]

Well, guys its been fun had some great times in STA with TR but its my time to quit TR.. Im gonna miss you guys! but its my time to move on.. I doubt i will join another TF clan cuz well i dont have alot of time and when i do i dont really want to play TF or anyother game for that matter so with that being said I wish you guys luck in the coming weeks of STA and GGL go kick some ASS! :) and win that title i know you guys can do it :) Maybe i will give TFC or Q3F a shot i doubt it but hey ya never know... Anyways GG TR gonna miss you all later guys!

-- Ice-Man ^Peace!^

[ Updated Monday 5th, 2001 by [TR]^Ice-Man`HX @ 8:04 P.M ]

New Webpage layout, hope you guys like it! Links will be up and working soon!